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Michigan State University

Creating Conversations: Inside MSU Museum’s CoLaborator program

Imagine students delving into society’s most wicked problems, igniting discussions, and sparking curiosity through their questions and ideas. The CoLab studio is a hub of creativity and innovation where connections between classroom learning and museum exhibits come to life.

Within the CoLab Studio, undergraduate and graduate student CoLaborators have the freedom to explore their passions through hands-on learning, while simultaneously building their professional portfolios.

As CoLaborator Muna Akwali says, they don’t have a set script. Student CoLaborators engage in conversation with visitors around the museum’s exhibitions and outreach initiatives. It’s an experience that not only helps enhance the visitor experience, but it also supports the students in cultivating transdisciplinary mindsets, enhancing science communication, nurturing critical thinking and project management skills, and growing problem-solving abilities.

In short, it’s a win-win for everyone involved, and these MSU students then bring these important, transferable skills into whatever comes next after graduation.

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