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Michigan State University

Valuing Community Engaged Writing Projects

Bessey Hall 214

February 16, 2024

Talks, Panels, and Presentations

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Co-editors Maria Novotny and Robin Silbergleid will discuss the origin of their research published in Infertilities, A Curation and explore issues related to publishing community-engaged writing projects more broadly, including how to (1) pursue such projects ethically and practically; (2) find the best fit press and frame the book proposal; (3) edit and organize the project in terms of structure/content; and (4) argue for the value book/work for both general and academic audiences. This is intended to be an informal Q&A geared toward graduate students and junior faculty.

Maria Novotny is a 2017 WRAC alum and an Assistant Professor of English at UW Milwaukee.

Robin Silbergleid is Professor of English at MSU.

Maria and Robin have collaborated on this project since 2014.