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Michigan State University

Three Concepts of Eternity in Anne Conway by Hope Sample

Online Event

December 1, 2023

Talks, Panels, and Presentations


A classic European early modern philosophical debate concerns the nature of divine eternity, whether it should be considered “atemporally” as a permanent now or as an infinite duration. Anne Conway explicitly describes God’s eternity in accordance with the atemporal approach. However, I will argue that Conway also defines divine eternity as a variety of agential independence: God’s agency is causally independent of other agents and situations. Finally, I will explore possible connections between Conway’s agential independence account of God’s eternity and her endorsement of an atemporal approach to divine eternity.

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About Hope Sample: I work on 17th and 18th century history of European philosophy, especially philosophy of time. Also, I have a wide range of research projects in ethics and its history. Finally, I have a project in comparative philosophy (early modern Platonism and Korean Neo-Confucianism) with Hwa Yeong Wang of Duke Kunshan University.