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Michigan State University

Prompt Response: Exploring Generative Artificial Intelligence

MSU Museum

March 8, 2023 - December 23, 2023


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When OpenAI released DALL-E 2 and ChatGPT to the public at the end of 2022, it sparked immediate debate on the impact of artificial intelligence on society. Known as generative models, these tools leverage a user-created text input—called a prompt—to create new, unique outputs ranging from images to written text. These tools are trained using a massive set of human-selected data. The model then “learns” from the patterns it identifies in these datasets and uses its understanding of those patterns to generate similar content. With a few carefully selected prompts, we can create detailed artistic works or paragraphs of writing in a matter of seconds.

However, at the same time AI generative models offer new methods of producing content, they also raise complex questions. Who ultimately holds the rights to the content created by these generative models? Are these tools ethical and do they reinforce biases? What are the impacts of generative AI on the creative process and creative fields?

P.S: Who do you think wrote this statement? Human or machine?