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Michigan State University

Mina Loy’s Trailblazing Feminism Takes Center Stage in World Premiere at MSU

MSU Broad Art Museum

December 8, 2023

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A team of interdisciplinary artists will present a cross-institutional staging of the feminist futuristic poetic dramas of Mina Loy on Thursday, Dec. 7, and Friday, Dec. 8, at the MSU Broad Art Museum and at the University of Michigan-Flint North Bank Dance Studio, respectively. This world premiere is free and open to the public.

Led by Alison Dobbins, Project Director and Professor of Integrated Performance Media Design in the Department of Theatre at Michigan State University, this project is a collaborative effort by a team of women leaders across various artistic disciplines, including Performance Art, English, Literature, Music Composition, and Design, who all share a commitment to multidisciplinary, feminist approaches in both scholarship and creative endeavors.

“Against the backdrop of contemporary dating apps, my intent is to challenge toxic masculinity stereotypes with a blend of humor, encouraging introspection for those involved,” Dobbins said. “Mina Loy’s lasting influence from the 19th century remains a cornerstone of the 21st-century modernist literature movement, and I find immense pride in employing an interdisciplinary approach to bring her ideas to life.”