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Michigan State University

Midjourney AI Art Workshop 4: Exploratory Prompts and Critiques in Generative AI Art

November 12, 2023

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In this workshop, participants will delve into the realm of exploratory prompts and the significance of constructive critiques in generative AI art. They will explore unconventional and experimental prompt designs, pushing the boundaries of their creativity. Participants will also engage in group critiques, providing feedback and insights on AI-generated outputs. Additionally, they will explore how commands built into Midjourney – like chaos, style, weird, version, pan, and variation, etc. – can further these explorations and lead to desired creative outcomes. Participants will learn how to import images from a previous session in Midjourney and modify and add to them, as well as how to import and image and ask Midjourney to create a set of prompts that could have generated the image.