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Michigan State University

Midjourney AI Art Workshop 1: Introduction to Generative AI Art with Midjourney

Digital Scholarship Lab classroom, MSU Library (366 W. Circle Drive) 

October 1, 2023

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This workshop serves as a foundational session, introducing participants to the fundamentals of generative AI art. Through guided exercises and demonstrations, participants will become familiar with the process of specifying overall descriptive language and selective detail in a language prompt that guides the choice of elements selected by the program to create the whole. Participants will learn the names and concepts associated with different elements of a prompt, including prefix, scene, suffix, and parameters. They will also learn commands that determine how Midjourney processes the final image, including details related to resolution, lighting, focus, and so forth. They will learn the principles of detail-oriented and poetic-oriented prompt engineering, and insights into troubleshooting prompts, and modifying prompts to get desired outcomes in the image.