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Michigan State University

Arts4U X Dining Hall Collaboration: Taste of Spring Break

Michigan State University Brody Dining Hall

February 18, 2024

Arts4U, Performing Arts


Arts4U teamed up with MSU Dining Halls to introduce live musical performances to several halls on campus. Over the past year, Arts4U has curated a series of Quartets and Duos at Landon, Brody, Akers, Holmes, Case, and Shaw halls. These two-hour performances coincide with dinner hours, engaging with a diverse and wide audience. To gather feedback, QR code surveys have been strategically placed throughout these spaces. The primary objective of these musical pop-ups was to observe and analyze the interactions between students, faculty, and the live music. The survey questions are designed to assess patrons’ responses to music in busy areas, aiming to gain insight into how these artistic interventions impact the dynamics within communal spaces.

This event will be held in Brody Dining Hall on the Pangea venue, from 4:30PM to 7PM. The Event will include a variety Caribbean Food, served from MSU’s Chef’s and will feature 300-350 tasting portions of new recipes being showcased. The Chef’s will be interacting with students and staff, answering questions about the dishes, and there will be a survey to vote on which dish students liked the most.

From 4:30-6PM, there will be a performance by the Salsa Verde Group.